Barefoot in the Stream by Mike Petrucco

I have been living with this stream in my backyard (or rather my kind neighbor's "front" yard) for almost 10 years. I finally had the chance to take the short walk out there in the evening to try and capture this scene in camera. I really want to visit this in the fall with some great colors or maybe in the winter when there is ice and snow. The near ground foliage makes getting the right composition a challenge. I'll have to take some waders if I get out there in fall or winter though! 

Nonetheless, it still is a peaceful scene, and fun to stand barefoot in the stream to capture it. 

Details: Canon 7D, Tamron 24-70 SP2.8 VR, 24mm, f11, iso 100, 6 sec. exposure.

Jackson, WY by Mike Petrucco

In late March, we packed up the car and drove west. All the way to Jackson, WY. We made some stops along the way (obviously) but most notably, was to pick up a great friend out in Billings, MT. With our extra passenger onboard, we headed south down to Jackson. The trip totaled 5,453 miles and turned out to be the greatest experience of our lives.

2013 Wild West 1580 - Version 3.jpg

This was from a fun morning in Jackson, WY. It's classic, and cliche. But still has to be photographed. There are more photos on my gallery page. Have a look.


Finally by Mike Petrucco

Finally! It's been so busy around here these past couple of years that my website has grown outdated and badly needed an update and facelift. The structure is in place and now the task of updating content (which is outdated too). Hopefully this new structure will make it easy to add new content as it's created. Thanks for stopping by. Come again.

I'm beginning to publish some of my landscape and nature photography. Please check out some samples on my gallery page. Contact me for pricing and availability of large prints.